Community is a Verb

Whether you are a festive individual, a progressive business, a local school, an affiliated sports team, a residential complex or an upscale hotel; book one of our award winning programs and let us deliver a creative, inspirational and motivational experience. Fire up your teams, your events and your posse with a blast of radical self-love and witness the joyfulness of our award winning programs. Raise the vibration of your day with multiple combinations of our unique and signature class styles, guided meditations, or speaking engagements. Let's get connected. 



Often Imitated, Never Replicated

Get wild, wicked and free by hosting one of our interactive pop-up classes. Intentional movements, deep beats, and community engagement spark a memorable experience that inspire togetherness and hardcore good times. Let us customize an event that far exceeds your expectations and deliver a lasting impression on the day's festivities. Private events, public events, street fairs, company parties, school events, hospitality, resorts, local businesses and so much more. Spice up your next event, fundraiser or block party and book today. 

On-Location Event 

50min class + dj

up to 300 participants



Host a Party at Sutra 

A great alternative to the typical company team builder, adult birthday party, bachelorette party, bridal shower or any special occasion. Experience a mini-adventure with friends or co-workers and come together with your holistic wild side to bath in the magical fun of the Sutra'side of Life. Drop your guard and move your body with any of our signature programs, deep musical beats, and togetherness. Cheers to good times and new experiences. 


50min Yoga, Skullpt or Meditation class

06-30 participants



Bring Our Programs to You

A fully customized experience that offers you countless opportunities to extend an exceptional class to your most important assets, clients, guests, or neighbors in the comforts of your own location. Bring our programs to you and inject new levels of excitement, healthy bliss, and good times into your organization with this lifestyle amenity. Clear your furniture and invite the masses; we'll do the rest. 


50min Yoga, Skullpt or Meditation class

10-60 participants



Tailored Just for You

The perfect opportunity to incorporate some radical self love into your busy lifestyle by booking a private Yoga, Skullpt or Meditation. A great way for beginners to get more comfortable and confident or experienced practitioners to progress further and focus on specific goals.  Private sessions provide you with the time and space to tend to your personal needs while working closely with your individual desires. Alignment, breath and personal connection are fully customized to bring you results. 


50min Yoga or Skullpt class

01-03 participants



Private Coaching & Event Speaking

Step into your personal power and learn the skills necessary to unlock the deepest truths of self so you may approach life with a clear and expansive understanding of who you are, the depths of your limitless potential, and the inner strength that drives your magical abilities. Learn to cultivate greater awareness of self-defeating patterns of thinking, feelings, and behaviors to remove areas of resistance that are preventing you from achieving your full potential. Invite meaningful and lasting change that tunes your frequency to a vibration that attracts everything you desire. Private Session and Group Lectures available.  



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