Full Moon Flow

Release what no longer serves you and open yourself to receive your highest good. 

It’s a brand NEW Year!- It’s time to make some serious goals with a fun visual board to help you stay focused! Join us for this fun vision board workshop to create the life that you want for yourself!

A vision board is collage representing things you would like to attract to your life. You can cut pictures and phrases out of magazines, print images from websites, and include your own photos in the collage. … A vision board can be used to help set goals for the year ahead. It could also focus on a specific area like career, business, home life, spiritual growth, well-being or relationships.

Super fun art supplies are supplied for you for the class- including your heavy poster board 22×28. (you can cut down to different size)Your own specific pieces and supplies are welcomed, but not necessary to complete your vision board!  Sipping is also included in this workshop! Can’t wait to share this fun time with you!

21 and up recommended


Tue. Nov 12. 6pm

Sutra Roosevelt

RATE: $25

Memberships Apply 

All Levels Welcome

Registration Required

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