Corporate Wellness Plans

Let Sutra Onsite be a partner in your business! 

Sutra Onsite Wellness Programs are the perfect addition to any organization that is seeking the highest quality of services associate with cutting edge health and fitness within their organization. We are an award winning studio ready to bring our legendary FITNESS CLASSES, MINDFUL MEDITATIONS, TEAM BUILDERS, PARTNERSHIPS  and  SPECIALTY EVENTS to your organization.




Whether you are a progressive business, a local school, an affiliated sports team, a residential complex, or an upscale hotel; bringing our award winning programs directly onsite adds limitless value to your staff, residents, and guests. Introduce our holistic work - life balance into your organization to let us deliver a healthier, happier, more productive lifestyle in the comforts of your compound. 


Creativity, inspiration and motivation are not a 9-5 job that can easily be turned on and off. They require action, spark and movement to reignite the internal drive. Fire up your teams with a mid-day blast of self-love and witness the transformation in satisfaction, performance and efficiency.


We offer fully customized packages designed specifically to meet your needs. Each of our options will offer you countless opportunities to extend an exceptional experience to your most important assets, clients, guests, or neighbors. 

  • Beginners Yoga

  • All Levels Yoga

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Pilates 

  • Cardio Conditioning

  • Mindful Meditation

Inject new levels of excitement, healthy bliss, and good times into your organization with a customized weekly schedule, monthly schedule, special event, or team builder. 



Corporate Partner (office complexes)

Program for your Teams - A holistic approach to reducing stress and instilling a sense of work / life balance by presenting a Corporate Partnership as a means to greatly increase individual productivity, enhance concentration, and decrease tension to deliver a healthier, happier staff. 

Hospitality Partner (resorts & hotels)

Programs for your Guests - With a focus on expanding experiences with exceptional programs and services our Hospitality Partnership adds an additional lifestyle amenity for hotel patrons and out-of-town visitors. Allow us to extend your level of service to your guests by inviting them to enjoy full access to any of our facilities. 

Residential Partner (apartments & condos)

Programs for your Residents - With a neighborhood focus on health, wellness, and vitality our Residential Partnerships assist in enhancing the lifestyle embraced by your residents. As an added amenity to your residents we introduce a fully balanced treatment facility to increase the value for those you call your facility their home. 


Fully Custom Partnerships - let us build a plan for you

Each of our partnerships are fully customized to specifically meet the needs and budget of your organization. Work directly with our team  coordinators to structure the best combination of services to effectively meet your specific needs and goals.

Certified Representatives - let us do the hiring for you 

All Sutra staff, instructors, and therapists are certified, reliable, knowledgeable and experienced. We will maintain the high level of quality professionals your program deserves by ensuring each member of our collective team is fully equipped and prepared to provide you with a memorable experience.

Hassle Free - let us manage the program for you

Each of our partnerships are overseen by our responsive and supportive teams. Our schedules are fully maintained and operate smoothly by ensuring the coverage of each booking. We remove the industry hassles of missed appointments by utilizing our large pool of qualified professionals.

Risk Free - let us remove the worry for you

With many corporate options on the market today rest assured knowing that our Onsite Programs are fully insured and remove the individual risk and liability that can easily derail any onsite program. Enjoy peace of mind as we removed the stress of risk management.  


The Space 

All you need is comfortable space large enough to accommodate your guests. (boardroom, lunchroom, poolside, courtyard, gymnasium, etc.)


The Student

Students should be prepared to bring a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a water bottle.


The Classes

All classes are 60min and led by Sutra Studios certified and insured instructors. Classes are fully customized and adjusted for your guests and classes are suitable for all levels of experience.


The Rates

Class pricing is based on classes with fewer than 15 participants in attendance and frequency of program booking. 


Rates, Scheduling and Program Details



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