The Goddess has never been lost. It is just that some of us have forgotten where to find her. 

Awaken your wild mystic warrior by calling your raw feminine energies to the surface of your life. We are the ones we've been waiting for and the time has come to embrace our deepest truths. Monthly ceremonies that harness the divinity of your fierce goddess powers to release the burning passions of the magical priestess etched within your soul. Now we awaken and rise together. 

Each month we will work on a specific tool to help you break free from any habits or programs that do not serve you in the pursuit of your dreams. We explore tools that present clarity on the priorities of your life as we provide support and guidance on tackling necessary actions to move towards who your truly are, and what you genuinely desire, to become empowered to live your best life.

SUN. MAR 06 - 6PM

RATE:  $25

Registration Required

Included in Memberships

All Women Welcome

No Yoga Attire Required

Bring Your Journals

Sessions are facilitated by Rebecca - an intuitive healer, life coach, speaker and mindful mentor. learn more 

2nd Sundays at Sutra Roosevelt Phoenix

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