Changing Lives Daily

We are makers, creators, dreamers and believers. 

 Join the Sutra Mafia

We are still growing! Enjoy a rewarding and impactful career empowering others to achieve and believe by holding a sacred space of discovery, reflection and hardcore good times. 


We are firm believers in creating experiences, crafting happiness, and serving those around us. We take tremendous pride in those who decide to join us on this exceptional journey of healing the world one student at a time.

 Instructor Characteristics

Team Player





High Integrity

 Position Requirements 

Available 2-4 classes/week

Commit to 6 month contract

Must have valid certification

Must have active insurance

 Mafia Guiding Principles 


The Sutra Mafia is a unified front of vision, health and culture. We are one, we all lead, we all follow, we all communicate, we all rise. We are not a group of titles, we are not a group of departments, we are a team of individuals who bring our strengths to the studio to do our part at making a difference.


Use your magical powers, that's what we do. Recognize each and every daily opportunity to deliver on your promise of administering a dose of memorable service. 


Master the art form of putting clients first and creating a desired setting. Your watchful eye requires careful consideration of everything that affects a guest’s experience. Your ability to enhance it is with a conscious focus placed on them - and removing the focus from being  placed on ourselves.


Leave it at home, no time for drama. In this environment the only celebrity present are our clients and guests. We are a 100% drama-free zone so check it at the door and lock in to creating change and providing exceptional service. 



You are here to be you and emulate greatness, so no holding back. Harness those strengths and traits and bring them to the table daily. Become a value creator, recognize the purpose,  and bring that positive mojo to the studio. We don't wait, we create.



Mindfulness is key to enjoying every moment and offering limitless joy to your community. Creative thinking, conscious behaviors, intentional interactions, and quality exchanges are the foundation   of our truly meaningful connections. We are fast paced and high energy and seeking peeps not afraid to grasp the moment and make it everything you think it should be with confidence.

 Position Guidelines

Arrive Early and Ready

Pimp the Environment

Be a Host to our Guests

Rock an Amazing Class

Reset the Studio


 Position Perks

Free Membership

Discounts on Workshops Discounts on Trainings

Discounts on Retail

Mafia Matters Mentorship

Family Membership Plan

One Team. One Dream. 


One of the Sutra Mafia's greatest asset is acting as a vital studio ambassador. A group of unique individuals sharing a common vision for the growth and success of Sutra and our beloved community. 


Mafia Ambassadors understand the importance of cultivating authentic relationships on a local level by effortlessly promoting studio events and promotions, attending our array of festive events and workshops, and displaying abilities as a Sutra cheer squad. This relationship allows us to do big things together, to make a difference, and change the world together as an inspiration for what we do in the community.

 Current Openings 

Vinyasa Yoga Instructors Group Fitness Instructors

Barre Instructors

Pilates Instructors

Hiring Process

Online Application

Complete an online application for consideration and to verify team requirements, availability, training, and compatibility. 

Meet & Greet

If your application excites us we will reach out to schedule a brief meet and greet interview with our Program Director.  

Class Demo

Dazzle us in your interview and we will invite you back for a class demo to showcase your skillz. It is highly recommended that you attend class prior so you can grasp our vibe. 

Join the Sutra Mafia