The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. 

The Karma Sutra Initiative inspires mindful involvement throughout our neighborhoods to bring all our award winning programs into our community to raise the vibration of each individual participant. Our goal is to bring awareness to the fact that radical self-love is fun and enjoyable. We offer free programs and offer support local organizations, non-profits, and neighborhood projects by honoring their vision of growth and change. Stand up, be heard, and show your support as we facilitate change and inspire engaged activism.



Raising the vibration of our community one student at a time! Each year for the past decade we have provide nearly 40 free community classes throughout the Phoenix Valley with a goal to raise awareness about the unadulterated joys that a fun, active and mindful lifestyle can provide. With our free community programs we keep the benefits of yoga accessible to groups of all ages. To date we have provided over 400 FREE EVENTS in our neighborhoods and each year we continue to offer move program with the support of our members! 

OVER 10,000


From coat drives to school drives, from in-studio to out in the community, the Karma Sutra Initiative has donated over 10,000 necessities to local community causes, organizations, charities and families in the last decade. With the support of the Sutra Community our efforts continue to have an impact on delivering vibrational love into the hearts of others. Help us spread magic to hose in need and get involved. 



Founded in 2009 with a goal to bring awareness to the benefits of movement and lifestyle thru yoga, meditation, music, art and community engagement;  Sutra creators Rebecca & Matthew Fritz developed Phoenix's very first non-profit organization to fuse an active lifestyle with charitable causes and radical self-love. By rallying their community they have started a Valley-wide revolution supporting the health and wellness of our communities and neighborhoods.  .


The Karma Sutra Initiative is one family's quest to put intention behind behavior by bringing awareness to the life-changing aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Not only as a means to offer guidance to their own children, but as a tool to shine a light on those who continue to make a difference in our community.


Sutra Studios welcomes donation requests in support of fundraising, charitable causes, and/or public awareness initiatives.


For consideration please include:


  • Name of organization

  • Description of the event

  • Contact name, number and email

Due to the high volume of requests please ensure information is submitted a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to the event. Sutra Studios does require cross promotional exchanges for all donated items via onsite information and/or social media.


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