Please Note: All Contract Revisions Require a 30-Day Advance Notice

Use our member maintenance forms to make contract management as quick and easy as possible. All membership enrollments, freezes and terminations require a submitted form that includes member name, contact info, signature, and the 30-day notice time stamp of the date the form was submitted. 


Temporary Hold

No need to terminate your account for an extended vacation, twisted ankle, or new work schedule. Simply pause your billing to maintain your member status.


Together we are facing an unexpected situation with the Coronaovirus pandemic. In an effort to assist our Member Community we are waiving all 30-Day Notice requirements and all $5/monthly processing fees associated with ACCOUNT FREEZING. Please either (1) Submit a FREEZE REQUEST FORM or (2) Remain active and register for online classes at INSIDE SUTRA


Thank you for your continued local support.

Stay safe!

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