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Please Note: All Member Revisions Require a 30-Day Notice

Use our member maintenance forms to make contract management as quick and easy as possible. All membership enrollments, freezes and terminations require a submitted form that includes member name, contact info, signature, and the 30-day notice time stamp of the date the form was submitted. 


No need to cancel your account for an extended vacation, twisted ankle, or new work schedule. Simply revise your billing to maintain your exceptional rate and member status.

Memberships may be frozen for up to

3 months per annual contract year

Freezing is only available on

Monthly Auto Pay Memberships

Freezing is not available on 

Unlimited Passes or Annual Passes

Freeze requests must be submitted

30-days prior to billing date 

Freeze requests submitted with less than a 30-day notice will be frozen the following month  

A service charge of $5 will be charged

for each month frozen



Please Note: (1) Member Freeze Requests must be submitted 30-days prior to scheduled monthly billing date. (2) Member Freeze Requests submitted with less than a 30-day notice will still be charged the upcoming dues and will be frozen the following month. (3) Sutra is not liable if freeze form is not executed correctly. Refunds are not available on unused portions of a frozen membership. (4) Sutra Studios is not liable accounts mis-managed by members. 

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