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NYE Meditation

What a magical night. Thank you for all who joined us for closing out the decade so that we can move forward into this new chapter without anything holding us back. Free and clear of any misguided or lingering energies that don't serve us in our highest good for this bright new chapter of life.

What an incredible decade. So many lessons, so much joy, so much work, so much play -- It was full and jammed packed with so much life. In the meditation we moved thru each year of the past decade in our minds, we picked out the one biggest challenge and the one most satisfying, happy experience for each one. We asked ourselves some questions about those experiences and came to a single conclusion for all - that no matter the connotation, upon our own reflection each experience provided the same result, growth. And that because of the beauty in our growth the idea of which experiences were good vs bad became so blurred that it was impossible to categorize them in that way.

Now we were simply looking back at our own life experience, all of it, thru the lens of love and appreciation. And from that place of understanding, of forgiveness, of peace and love, we began to move thru the next decade in our minds. Setting big, beautiful, fearless intentions. Knowing that whatever challenges we face on the way to our dreams will be the reason for our expansion into them. The result is always growth. Making peace in advance with our journey and all of the uncategorized experiences along the way.

Happy New Year Everyone! This will be your year, because it always is in the end.

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