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What is Vinyasa Yoga

A common question when beginning your yoga practice at Sutra Studios is "What type of yoga do you do?" Great question; at Sutra we practice Vinyasa Flow; a discipline of yoga that utilizes Asanas (yoga postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) to forms a series of poses that link together and move you through a specific sequence. This methods aligns the breath with the body's movement so the controlled inhaling and exhaling flows seamlessly with your motions. This method not only maximizes the muscular benefits for your body, but also acts as a moving meditation as you learn to link and control your breathing. The perfect cocktail of good health.

The common stereo-type of yoga is Hatha; often depicted with humorous photos of swamis twisting their bodies into pretzel shapes and remaining seated for hours. Sutra's Vinyasa Flow differs in some important ways from its predecessor. Our style of Vinyasa Yoga is one of continual movement as the asanas (yoga postures) are choreographed to link together in a smoothly flowing series directed by your breathing. Diversity is key so our class styles are offered in a variation of speeds and levels so a daily practice may be maintained with ease.

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