Fun Family Flow

Families that yoga together, toga together. (cause nothin' rhymes with yoga)

Bring the whole gang for some fun family flow! Connect with your posse for a playful and imaginative yoga class that combines asanas, engaging movements, interactive partners, and quiet time connections. A family affair that introduces yoga to the next generation using animated postures and stretching to promote body awareness and mindful connections.   

The Sutra Side-Kicks class offers yoga for families using language and symbolism that kids can easily understand and thrive with in class. Teaching yoga to kids this way helps to counter some of the stresses that they can experience in today's hurry-up world. When families take the Sutra Side-Kicks class they are learning techniques for self-love, body awareness and inner fulfillment. Together they are cultivating a sense of togetherness, cooperation and compassion as a family unit. Children receive enormous benefits from yoga including physically by enhancing their flexibility, strength and coordination; mentally by improving their concentration and their ability to enjoy a deeper sense of calmness and relaxation; emotionally by learning how to check in with themselves to understand how they are feeling, fostering emotional intelligence and maturity. Sutra Side-Kicks classes hold space for that beautiful inner light all  children have to shine bright on and off the mat!

Coming Events

Sutra Sidekicks

Sat. Jun 15. 4-5pm

Sutra Heritage


$25 Per Family

(up to 4)

$5 for each additional member

Ages: 4-14


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