Families that yoga together, toga together. (cause nothin' rhymes with yoga)

Bring your sidekick to class for a fun family flow! Connect with your posse for a playful and imaginative yoga class that combines asanas, engaging movements, interactive partners, and quiet time connections. A family affair that introduces yoga to the next generation using postures and stretching to promote body awareness and mindful connections.   

The Sutra Side-Kicks class offers yoga for you and your child side-by-side. Teaching yoga to kids this way helps to counter some of the stresses that they can experience in today's hurry-up world. When families take the Sutra Side-Kicks class they are learning techniques for self-love, body awareness and inner fulfillment. Together they are cultivating a sense of togetherness, cooperation and compassion as a family unit. Children receive enormous benefits from yoga including physically by enhancing their flexibility, strength and coordination; mentally by improving their concentration and their ability to enjoy a deeper sense of calmness and relaxation; emotionally by learning how to check in with themselves to understand how they are feeling, fostering emotional intelligence and maturity. Sutra Side-Kicks classes hold space for that beautiful inner light all  children have to shine bright on and off the mat!

AGES 7 - 9

SAT. FEB 22 - 11AM

RATE:  $25

Includes You + Sidekick

Registration Required

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