Lift, slim, shape and transform your body with the most results oriented exclusive program available. Skullpt Barre classes are a hybrid program exclusive to Sutra that fuses multiple disciplines of invigorating fitness into our signature dynamic class style. Our upbeat, high intensity classes build strength without bulk as you maximize your endurance thru powerful isolations, cardio peaks, and interval training. If you're looking for fast results, you just found them. 


Voted "Top 10" Best Barre Class in Phoenix 



Be prepared to pulse as you work hard and play hard.  Every class is perfect for every body, so no excuses. We set em' up and you knock em' down as you work to achieve your own personal goals. Time to sweat, laugh and curse as your truest badass self.



High Intensity Interval Training alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Isolation sessions provide improved athletic capacity, ultimate conditioning, a boosted metabolism and fat burning cardiovascular.



Like everything we do the tunes are loud. Have fun, stay motivated, and find your groove with some sick tracks and fiery mixes. We promote random acts of dancing and uncontrollable booty shaking at all times.  Don't be shy if you hear your jam.  ​



Positive body image never felt so good. Our goal is strong, not skinny, so be prepared for a full body transformation. Enjoy the quick and lasting results of a cinched waist, defined muscles, toned arms, sculpted legs, a flat tummy, and a poppin' booty. Make your fitness fun! 


Our signature Sutra Skullpt Classes were developed as a means to train our body to use its energy efficiently with high intensity workouts and short resting periods. High intensity training adapts to the cellular structure of muscles enabling you to increase your endurance, boost metabolism, burn calories, boost cardio, and build strength. 



Crush your fitness goals and establish the habits necessary to achieve total transformation. Your Skullpt Barre gateway class to obtain a level of comfort and build the strength and stamina you desire to begin your journey of life long change.


Taking your fitness to new levels with our high-energy, low-impact, total body sculpting workout fusing the benefits of Pilates, Ballet and H.I.I.T. into one dynamic, goal oriented fitness experience. Targeting the hips, thighs, abs, and booty; achieve the long, lean, strong physique you desire.

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