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Empower Your Journey: Unleashing Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Explore ancient yogic philosophy for timeless wisdom and personal growth.

Learn how to unlock your greatest potential and live a fulfilling life.

Align with yogic principles to tap into your innate power as a creator.

Discover techniques to manifest your deepest desires and intentions.

Dive into the intersection of ancient wisdom with modern scientific disciplines like neuroscience, quantum physics, and the law of attraction.

Gain profound insights into the mind-body connection and the nature of reality.

Empower yourself to consciously shape your destiny and create the life you desire.



Peeps Interested in Personal Growth: Individuals who are actively seeking ways to enhance their personal development, unlock their potential, and live more fulfilling lives.

Yoga and Meditation Enthusiasts:

People who have an interest in yoga, meditation, and related practices and are looking to deepen their understanding and experience.


Mind-Body Connection Explorers:

Those intrigued by the intersection of ancient wisdom with modern scientific disciplines like neuroscience and quantum physics, particularly in relation to the mind-body connection.

Spiritual Seekers:

Individuals on a spiritual journey seeking deeper insights into the nature of reality, consciousness, and the law of attraction.


Wellness and Self-Care Advocates:

People focused on holistic approaches to wellness, including mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and are interested in techniques for manifesting their desires and intentions.


Empowerment and Manifestation Fans:

Those interested in learning practical methods for empowering themselves, manifesting their goals, and consciously shaping their destinies.

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Virtual Program

"Your Path to Fulfillment"

"Revolutionize Your Life"

"Unlock Your Inner Peace"

"Awakening Holistic Wellness"

"Beyond Your Boundaries"

"Unleashing the Powers Within"

Don't Wait to Deepen Your Practice!


Coaching with Rebecca has completely changed my life. She helped me truly understand how much power I have to create the life I want, and her intuition is unparalleled. She was able to quickly understand what my higher self was telling me that I could not hear, and help me get on a path to fulfilling my soul’s purpose. She is inspiring, compassionate and extremely efficient- she helped me change my life in only a few sessions. I now feel way more relaxed, happy, successful and excited about my future and my business and headspace have both improved drastically since working with her. I couldn’t recommend coaching with her more highly! - Katie

I absolutely loved this course. I continue to do the radical reprogramming mornings and find so much benefit to my life. There are areas where I once lacked confidence I now thrive. Beautiful program!! I look forward to doing it again! - Erin


This course took concepts and practices of manifestation that I was already familiar with and super-charged them. Besides the huge personal level-up that I experienced, one of the best parts of this course was having Rebecca in our back pocket to help guide us, keep us accountable, and provide us with additional tools when things became confusing or doubt started to creep in. There are tools and techniques she gave us that I am still utilizing and integrating into my daily life. I have become more focused and excited about creating the life of my dreams and I am forever grateful for Rebecca and the other women in the group who were committed and kicking ass alongside me! - Sam


This was such a cool experience and exercise to be able to participate in. Having the other amazing women to learn from and participate with, was invaluable. It was intimidating the first week because we just dove right in, but through this process, the intimidation was just a limiting belief that we squelched. The entire program seems too short to change this much in such a short amount of time. It is laid out so well and there is so much information shared in such a short amount of time. It really is amazing what just trusting in the process and embracing the newness and unknow. An absolute invaluable process and I’ve already recommended it to two people. Amazing experience, beyond anything I expected. Lindsay


I’ve had the sheer joy of Rebecca’s service for 5+ years in the field of wellness, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We began our relationship when I sought recovery from a low-back disk bulge in my early 20’s, however it was soon apparent that Rebecca’s penchant for healing is entirely holistic. As I appreciated recovery under her yoga/barre studio program, I found even deeper fulfillment attending a variety of her coaching workshops, events, training, and personal one-on-one sessions.

With compassion and experience Rebecca champions practical solutions for life-long anxieties and frustrations that had plagued me and many others for most of our lives. From self-esteem and career goals, she offers a compassionate, nonjudgmental space allowing us to face our deepest hang-ups with courage and consistency, together as a community. Solutions center around self-empowerment and are structured as to be immediately integrated into daily routines. Fun, imagination and creativity are signature elements in all her programs. The healing power of joyful creation cannot be understated, despite, in my experience, being drastically underrepresented in traditional counseling. Under Rebecca’s personalized program I have not only recovered physically but now experience life in terms of joy, stability, independence, and excitement whereas my experience before centered around isolation, abuse, fear, and trauma. To apply the label life-changing is an understatement, more like life-affirming.

Rebecca, more than a leader, is a true teacher in the sense of passing on the tools necessary for each student to thrive independently. A clear practitioner of what she preaches, she offers with integrity personalized support to each student crossing her threshold. I am but one of many who is, thanks to her work, living life on purpose.

I am so happy to have Rebecca as a mindset coach! Not only is she simply wonderful person to work with but she really helped me overcome many of my personal fears and limiting beliefs. She has no doubt been a major player in my progression towards a career that I love and becoming a more confident version of myself. She is always full of wisdom and fresh perspectives making her a great addition to my wellness team. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a mindset coach! Jacinda

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