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Award Winning Studio founded in 2009 providing an immersive experience into the world of Radical Self-Love.
A stimulating wellness environment with a goal of remembering to Have Fun, Live Loud, and Create your Life on Purpose.
Offering a variety of Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Frequency, Teacher Training, Art & Music

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A Great Space To Grow The space at Sutra never disappoints, wether high energy event or personal healing session the offer is the same: take what you need, leave the rest. It’s a place of uplifting, good vibes, and healthy challenges. The studio feels like a second home. The movement and bodywork is motivated by medical knowledge to feel good, which it does. I’ve grown in strength, stability, and flexibility on top of healing a low back injury. But the best thing about being a student at Sutra is gaining the knowledge and awareness to meet my own needs, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Amanda B. 

Love this place! Great vibe! Accepting of all body types and levels. Felt no body shaming for being new to yoga like I did in past experiences. Highly recommend. 

Ted O.

This place is amazing!!! Best yoga studio in the valley hands down! You can’t find a yoga vibe that is so accepting of all bodies like you do at Sutra. Most studios act like they have the answers to “fix” you … but at sutra you are accepted as you are and shown nothing but love and a space to find yourself. Sutra is so much more then just yoga… it’s a community where everyone is accepted with warm open arms just as they are. 

Chelsa O. 

Rebecca is the most motivating yoga instructor I've ever had. She's thoughtful, intuitive, and inspiring. I highly recommend. The studio is beautiful, and the classes give you a reprieve from the day to day. Do it for yourself, you deserve a break.

Jennifer R.