This is not your mama's spa


Healing is an art. It takes practice, it takes time, it takes radical self love. A variety of well deserved therapies provide you the opportunity to melt into our savage vibe. Our calming environment welcomes you to a healing experience that is designed to bring you unadulterated serenity and enjoyment as you achieve optimal health and vitality. Our offerings of ancient healing modalities introduce a mixture of body work and energy manipulation utilizing therapeutic massage, reiki, visualization, meditation, sound frequency, essential oils, color therapy and crystal applications. 

Spa Zucci Massage Downtown Phonx


Our premium healing treatment to move energy, release resistance, and align your superpowers. Each session is specifically customized for your individual physical and emotional needs and targets the key areas of your body, mind and heart for a fully exhilarating experience. Our ultimate session infuses our full spectrum of healing modalities in your tailor made fix. A brief Deep Dive query establishes your personalized Energy Work hunger to perform a custom crystal enriched reiki meditation and chakra balancing treatment followed by intuitive Body Work to manipulate the muscles and reduce pain, ease tension, and produce the deep state of total relaxation and true curative healing. 

Spa Zucci Massage Downtown Phonx


Tend to the needs of your Earth Suit with our signature strokes of therapeutic touch. A healing journey of self-care that eliminates physical and emotional stress, quiets the mind, combats muscle tension and delivers your consciousness to new levels of bliss with the smooth flowing strokes of mind-melting relaxation. An intuitive massage that locates the root cause of discomfort and provides you ultimate freedom of self-love and body care. 

Spa Zucci Massage Downtown Phonx


Release, receive and reset. Experience the power of your energy centers to realign your Body, Mind and Heart to awaken, balance and upgrade your Chakra intensity. Thru color, sound and frequency release blockages, discharge old patterns and clear negative emotional energy. Gain access to higher states of consciousness using energy work, crystal healing, reiki and visualization to achieve ultimate wellbeing and to begin transforming your live in the direction you set forth during your customized session. 

Rebecca Fritz Group Coach Phoenix Arizona


Step into your personal power and learn the skills necessary to unlock the deepest truths of self so you may approach life with a clear and expansive understanding of who you are, the depths of your limitless potential, and the inner strength that drives your magical abilities. Learn to cultivate greater awareness of self-defeating patterns of thinking, feelings, and behaviors to remove areas of resistance that are preventing you from achieving your full potential. Start living your dreams with private sessions focusing on Personal Fulfillment, Manifestation, and Health & Wellness.  



I had a fantastic experience with the Apex Treatment. At one point during the energy work, I was so aligned that it felt like some descriptions of an out of body experience. I came away relaxed and with greater insight into my potential.

Rebecca M.