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Get wild, wicked and free with our interactive events. Intentional movements, deep beats, and community engagement spark a memorable experience that inspire togetherness and good times. 

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Chakra Series

Go deep down the rabbit hole to activate your Sacred Chakras and get realigned with the Universal Energies. Cleanse, open and activate your Chakras in this 8-Part Series designed to unblock your natural flow of energy while exploring the physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual qualities of the each Chakra.

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Seasonal Series

Transcend into our healing realm of discovery to unearth the deepest aspects of your energetic body. Surrender to the vibrations of ambient frequencies with an unguided sensory meditation filled with the mystical delights of kaleidoscopic flight.  

First Friday

Frequency Meditation

Beginner Series

An introductory series to strengthen the foundation of your personal yoga practice. Build your awareness with combinations of primary postures, principle alignments, breathing techniques, or basic stretching. Receive the personal attention of knowledge, adjustments and modifications necessary to establish a life-long practice.

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Monthly Series


Celebrating balance with an epic flow, sick beats and chilled mimosas. +21 OVER

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(Swa'ra): A cultural extravaganza of chaos and wonderment designed to tickle the senses and satisfy the soul. Our longest running program that fuses the ancient art of yoga with the sensory delights of exhilarating art and soul bumping music. An fully immersive experience that sets the soul ablaze as you get lost in our Sutra'palooza playground.

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Third Friday

Celebrating balance with an epic flow, sick beats and vino!

THU JAN 19 730PM



This is by far my favorite Yoga studio in town. The ambience of the evening classes is just perfect and it soothes the soul. Highly recommend it!

Teodor V. 

One of my favorite yoga studios of all time! A place you can stop by after a long day of work to just be. Wonderful music and te Studio offers a great mix of classes for all levels. Recommend watching out for great pass/deals - super reasonable pricing.

Kelly H.

I was in town for work and attended a “bliss out” class. Truly one of the best yoga classes I’ve ever attended. Amazing, welcoming instructor and staff, beautiful and relaxing space…I will definitely come back next time I’m in town! Thanks for a great experience!

Ashley H.

I’m so in love with the atmosphere!! They truly know how to make you feel at home! The instructor is extremely well at doing her work!

Cosmo V.

Incredible place. Amazing space, warm greetings, great workouts/meditations. There’s something for everyone which I love!!

Erica W. 

Sutra was my very first in studio yoga experience. I had always been intimidated with yoga studios, feeling as if I would be judged or did not belong held me back from having an experience. I found Sutra because a friend insisted I come out for one of their special event goddess circles. I was so taken aback in the most positive ways possible upon my experience. This is a fun and relaxing environment full of acceptance and positivity, a place that encourages growth and personal fulfillment. Not only do you have access to all different levels of yoga classes available, but you also are gifted with availability of meditation work. If you are into it, there are also classes that encorporate magical craft, spell casting and ritual. There really is something for everyone, and the really special thing about it is that no matter where you are at in your journey, you can find yourself right where you need to be within any of the practices offered. There are often special events where there might be a live dj, or special offerings of fresh brewed herbal tea to compliment the energy of the night. There are goddess circles and even full moon events! The business is family owned and operated, mom (Rebecca) is an amazing instructor, dad ( Matt aka DJDiscoNapDad) puts together the music playlists that really bring the flow together, and sometimes the "kids" are around too, running check in and helping to create the warm inviting atmosphere. I have gained SO MUCH from my short time with this studio so far, not only my physical health but i have also utilized tools offered to navigate many other areas of my life. This is a truly special place where you can find a community, no matter who you are or what your goals are. If you are looking for a place where you can belong, look no further, you have arrived.

Vex C. 

I’ve been here twice, and both times have been amazing. They give you a warm welcome when you come through the door, it’s a family-owned business, and Rebecca and her husband Matt really know how to put on a unique and relaxing yoga class. Rebecca did a really special Full Moon Fluidity class I attended with an intention ceremony at the end, while Matt played a live DJ set. It was an experience I’ll always remember, and I can’t wait to go back for another class. Check this place out for a yoga experience like no other! They really take the time and care to make sure it’s special every time.

Kelly F.

I love Sutra Studio! This astounding space is located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. So many amazing classes offered by the inspirational and uplifting Rebecca! Whom I simply adore. The sick beats are by DJ Matt the lovely owners of this Gem. If you want to grow your practice with Barre, Yoga or Rebecca’s Hot Be That Girl Living Life On Purpose Coaching. Sutra Studios is for you! You will truly miss out if you don’t give this GORGEOUS studio a try. My heart belongs at SUTRA STUDIOS❤️ This is where I choose to continue on with my Meditative, Asana, Yoga, Barre, Pilates practice. This is THE place!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Eileen W. 

I went to the Go To Seed event with my teen daughter and I still think about it! It was a Movement + Mantra + Meditation + Journaling 2 hour event which was not only relaxing, but invigorating as well. You truly are immersed in an art exhibit while doing yoga and meditation. One of my favorite parts was the music! Not your typical yoga music, but just the most perfectly chosen music for each part of the class and I loved how it was loud enough where it truly felt transcendent. My daughter, who is not super confident or trained in yoga, was nervous at first but said that she started to relax because the instructor made her feel so comfortable. Can’t wait to start treating myself better! Truly a local gem and the owners Rebecca and Matt are lovely people.

Kerri M.

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