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Welcome to Sutra Studios!
Family owned and operated for 15yrs!
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Time Management for Wellness



Lifestyle Hacks TIME MANAGMENT FOR WELLNESS Balancing Work, Life, and Health * * * * * * * * Time Management for Wellness: Practical strategies to enhance your time management skills, empowering you to prioritize personal health and wellness without sacrificing work or life commitments. Discover techniques to optimize your schedule, create effective routines, and cultivate a balanced lifestyle that fosters well-being. Don't let busy schedules hinder your health goals—learn how to manage time like a pro for a healthier, happier you! FREE WEBINAR! * * * * * * * * General Info: Zoom link emailed No late admittance permitted Must be 18yrs old to attend All ticket sales are final No refunds available


    Cancellation Policy

    Life Happens - If unable to attend please cancel your reservation within 4hrs of class or appointment start time. (1) Reservation Cancellations are not accepted via voicemail, email or text. (2) Please log'in and visit 'Account / My Bookings' to manage bookings. (3) Refunds are not available for missed reservations or special events.

    Contact Details

    Sutra Studios, North 1st Street, Phoenix, AZ, USA

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