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Yoga for Hikers

Build Strength for Challenging Hikes Yoga postures requiring balance and strength which in turn help you train to better navigate inclines, declines, stream crossings, rocky terrain, and quick jumps.

Improve Mobility for Traction Yoga eliminates bulk within the muscle and creates a long, lean, and strong muscle in its place. The strength of the muscle and its ability to stretch provide support for the ligaments and tendons while reducing the risk of injury. Improving the hiking mobility in the shoulder, hips, knees and ankles.

Build Strength Stamina Yoga strengthens and stabilizes your whole body, including big muscles, like your glutes and calves, which start firing as soon as you head uphill, as well as small muscles, like your iliopsoas, which helps you lift your leg and place it on the path in front of you. This additional strength provides more stamina and speed on the hiking trail.

Maintain Balance and Proprioception Ever wobble on a rock while hopping your way across a stream on a hike? Yoga teaches you balancing postures that can help you navigate rough terrain while hiking. Proprioception is your body’s ability to sense its position as you move through space. You mainly walk in a single plane of motion when hiking. But yoga requires you to move in multiple planes; practice long enough and you’ll be better equipped for challenges like traversing a scree field and keeping steady while wearing a hefty pack.

Speed Up Recovery Time

Gentle yoga helps you recuperate, so you’re ready for the next big hike or backpacking trip. Practicing yoga before or after a good hike, or on a rest day, will keep your joints limber and your muscles filled with essential blood and oxygen. This accounts for less pain and soreness, and quicker healing recovering time after a hearty does of physical exercise.

written by Matthew Fritz

Matthew is the owner of Sutra Studios in Phoenix, Arizona and recognized as the Wellness Visionary within his field. He is an intuitive Guide, Life Coach, Speaker and Artist dedicated to assisting others in maximizing their strengths to obtain the confidence to achieve their goals. Visit:

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