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A common statement in our household during 2019 was "Get ready, to get ready, to get ready." -- and the year certainly felt like a time of preparation that helped us in experiencing the contrasts of life. If you were uncertain about who you were, what you wanted, or where you wanted to be; 2019 certainly brought your desires for happiness, accomplishment and contentment into the spotlight. Chapter closed; and we enter a new landscape of adventure with a new found sense of 'Who We Are'. Congratulations, you made it.

The new year, the new decade, somehow feels different. An overwhelming tingle with an unrecognizable energy that feels distant from past cycles. A swift impression of clarity, desires and the work that needs to be done seems to fill our minds. The key word being "work". 2020 is a revolution from our old patterns, beliefs and emotional entanglements and is propelling us into an era of self care and personal responsibility; but this will require our full attention and some serious elbow grease.

Grounded. Can you feel that? -- Don't you feel incredibly concrete and confident in what it is you need to do? Not the path you need to take; since the map of the journey is not for us to hold; but the emotion destination for how you want to feel. The time is perfect to target our personal meditation technique -- create the habit, the time, the location, and stick with it. During these 5-minutes of daily insight attach to the emotional goal of an experience you long for. Do not expect answers, do not wait for a sign, and do not diminish the possibility of its fruition by connecting to how it has disappointed you in the past. The preceding lessons have planted you in a state of acceptance -- and you simply most ask, believe and receive in the new year.

It's time to do the work. Too often distractions cloud thoughts as we try to dodge the stunning assault of information. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and get on the path of warrior focused change. The past decade of emotional rubble has no place in the next 10-years -- excuses, heartache and misfortune are tired and expelled from this moment. A new, refreshed, bold version of yourself has been born and waiting to be celebrated. Let the story be told, form this hour on, by this new adaptation of you -- the you that is awake, hungry for life, and prepared to do what needs to be done so secure the joy and accomplishment that is waiting for you to simply open your heart and allow it to come in.

A very happy new year to all. May you witness all the daily magic you carry with you and experience this new chapter as you have always dreamed.

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